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Welcome to VITO Selling!  Tony Parinello here, your guide, to reaching Presidents, CEOs, Owners and 'C' Suite Executives.   You CAN sell to VITO (those important titles previously mentioned) and you CAN cut your sales cycle in half by doing so.  You just need to the right words to say, quesitons to ask, and the people in VITO's organization to align yourself with. 

You can find me at in VITO University. It's there that we can work together 1-on-1 to tailor YOUR VITO speak.

Mar 16, 2021

Critical collaboration tools every salesperson needs to effectively communicate with prospects, customers, and team members.

Tony Parinello, author and creator of Selling to VITO interviewed Michael Gelb and connects his book to the Selling to VITO process.  Tune in to hear more.