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Welcome to VITO Selling!  Tony Parinello here, your guide, to reaching Presidents, CEOs, Owners and 'C' Suite Executives.   You CAN sell to VITO (those important titles previously mentioned) and you CAN cut your sales cycle in half by doing so.  You just need to the right words to say, quesitons to ask, and the people in VITO's organization to align yourself with. 

You can find me at in VITO University. It's there that we can work together 1-on-1 to tailor YOUR VITO speak.

Mar 2, 2020

Your Ending Question will invite VITO to take the next step and explore your ideas further, or you could ask about VITO’s specific business interests.

Here’s what you don’t want to ask or do:

Do not ask for an appointment.

Do not ask for a purchasing decision.

Do not ask an obvious question in an attempt to force VITO to say the word “yes”.

Your Ending Question Should:

> Include VITO’s name

> Incorporate the element of time

> Pose an interesting business question

> Invite VITO to take the next step


For Example:

“Ms. Importanta, what would be the best way to see if our proven, repeatable process could help your company realize similar or even greater benefits this [year]?”


“Mr. Benefito, where would you like to see the biggest improvement in the shortest period of time in your organization?”


Here’s my personal favorite...

“Ms. Importanta, who on your team would you like for me to continue this conversation with between now and the end of this business day?”


Oh, don’t worry…VITO may try to send you off to someone else but there’s more to come!